No feature-based pricing

Our pricing model reflects one of our core values : transparency. Some translation management software solutions lock core features like API access, file formats support, or collaboration capabilities behind a certain price tag. With us, you have access to everything we offer, present or future, even with the Freelance plan.

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Crafted and hosted in Switzerland

You can never cheap out on security, privacy, or data ownership. This is why Teekey has been built from the ground up with strong stances : our servers and your data are hosted in Exoscale's GDPR-compliant datacenter in Zürich; we use no tracker whatsoever; our company is fully privately-owned, and absolutely no data leaves Switzerland.


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Change or stop your plan anytime

We strongly disapprove of any form of vendor-locking. This is why, using Stripe's subscription management portal, you can update your plan at any point (you'll be shown the next pro-rata amount before confirmation) - or cancel it altogether. If you decide to leave us, you'll retain full read/write access of your account and data until the last day of your subscription.

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VAT inclusive on all prices

We believe the value of our service is exactly the one shown on our website. This is why you'll get no surprise during checkout - all our prices are VAT inclusive. This way we ensure the amount due always remains the same for you, even through (eventual) future VAT increases.

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What about pricing ?

Our subscription offers are simple, the price is based on a number of users and the number of segments you need. We do not have any features gated behind a certain price, all our subscriptions offer the same possibilities.


chf 59.–/month (billed yearly)

Ideal for a unique project, perfect to familiarize yourself with our tools.

  • 3 Seats
  • 3'000 Segments


chf 99.–/month (billed yearly)

The subscription model fit for any kind of small company.

  • 10 Seats
  • 5'000 Segments


chf 179.–/month (billed yearly)

For companies with several projects and a sizeable amount of translations to handle.

  • 20 Seats
  • 15'000 Segments


chf 299.–/month (billed yearly)

To cover any imaginable need, present or future.

  • Unlimited seats
  • 50'000 Segments

All our plans are changeable at any time, to offer you maximum flexibilty.

All our plans include free support - Enterprise with priority

For any custom request, see here

VAT-inclusive prices - details during checkout

A segment? What do you mean by segment?

A segment is the unit you should consider for your product selection with the number of user you need - and that's it. As you might already know, we do not feature lock our subscriptions. The segment, also known as key, is the element you create that will encapsulate all the content in your relevant used languages. It means that if you have 3 or 20 different supported languages, the translated content for a specific element still counts only as one segment.

That still only counts as one!

Keymli - The Lord of the segments